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Please note: To make appointments for two or more patients coming in together it is best to call so that I can schedule the appropriate time. I sometimes have appointment times available that are not shown online. Please call if you are unable to schedule a time online that works for you.

By appointment only.
Call or use my online scheduler below to make appointments in Edmonds. Please do not come to the office in person to make appointments.

 Mon, Tues, Thurs  7 am – 6 pm.
Additional appointments are sometimes available on other days of the week. See online scheduler above for exact dates and times.

Lake Stevens:
Wed, Fri, and Sat.
Call 425-334-5536 to make appointments in Lake Stevens.

Personalized Care for Routine and Complex Vision Problems

Over 25 Years of Trusted Eye and Vision Care

A More Holistic Approach!

Welcome to my web site. I am an Optometric Physician with a private office in Edmonds, WA. I also see patients at Target Optical in Lake Stevens.

I see adults and children for eye examinations and contact lens fittings. I do not sell glasses or contacts. You can take my prescriptions for glasses or contacts anywhere you like. I can recommend some great places.

There is no pressure to buy anything at my office. My goal is to provide my patients with a very thorough but comfortable eye care experience in a non stress environment.

Our visual system like the rest of our body is fascinating and complex. When it is not working properly symptoms can include headaches, double vision, eyestrain, tired eyes, red eyes, dry eyes, dizziness, and car sickness just to name a few. Our eyes and vision can also be affected by almost any other health problem we might have and most of the drugs we use to treat those problems.  How we use our eyes, the health problems we have, previous eye and nervous system injuries, the drugs and supplements we take, and the physical and emotional stress we are under all must be considered to examine the eyes .

My exams include a complete health history as well as tests for cataracts, glaucoma, and neurological diseases. For most eye and vision problems I prefer the most conservative and natural treatments possible. I always try to educate my patients on the use of good nutrition practices, supplements, and alternative therapies when they are appropriate. When needed I am certified at the highest level allowed by law to use both topical and oral therapeutic drugs.

Please call to make an appointment or to ask questions. I also welcome your email questions or email appointment requests.