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Competative prices on all brands of contacts.

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I sell contacts to my eye exam patients only. Insurance is billed for contact lens purchases when it is available!


Types of Contacts
Most patients today use soft disposable contacts although several versions of hard gas permeable contacts are also available and in many cases provide superior vision with great comfort.
Custom made soft contacts are the newest type and can usually be made to fit any type of eye or vision problem. They provide great vision and excellent comfort at very reasonable prices. 

  Solutions: Using the correct contact lens cleaning and disinfecting solution is as important as the type of contacts you wear. Most contact lens problems I see are not really contact problems but solution problems. Most patients use a multipurpose cleaning and disinfecting solution. The solutions work well for many patients. For up to 50% of patients they don't work well at all and can cause many symptoms ranging from dry eyes to serious eye infections.
My favorite contact lens solutions:  1. Clear Care
Please follow instructions carefully with peroxide solutions!
Best Multipurpose Solutions:  1. Biotrue
                                          2. Revitalens
                                          3. Opticare Replenish
Worst Solutions: All generic multipurpose solutions: Their formula's change every year. 
You never know what you are getting.
It may work great one year and be terrible the next. 
How to clean your contacts:  Rub your lenses every night with your cleaning solution. Just like washing a car, rinsing or soaking alone will not remove the greasy film on the contacts. This film gets mixed with the chemicals in the cleaning solution and a toxic soup results usually ending up in an eye infection. Simple rubbing every night does wonders!

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