Tony D. Pool, O.D.


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I offer a variety of services for my patients. Please call or  E-Mail if you have any questions.

- Routine eye examinations for adults and children.
- Contact Lenses sold for my Edmonds eye exam patients only. Free Direct to Home Shipping.
  Rx always given to the patient. You are free to buy your contacts wherever you like.
- Extra time for complicated exams. 
  If extra time might be needed just call and request this ahead of time. No extra charge. 
- Second opinions regarding any eye or vision problems.
- Routine Dilated Diabetic Eye Exams
- Treatment for vision related reading problems in Children and Adults.
- Diagnosis and treatment for vision related headaches.
- Glasses Corrections for Eyestrain, Eye pain, Double vision, Tired eyes
- Computer vision problems
- Information & counseling on nutritional support for eye health.
- Information & counseling on other natural and alternative therapies for vision & eye health.
- Eye Allergies, Eye Infections, Dry Eyes
- Contact Lens Fittings - Free trial soft contacts in most cases.
- Gas Permeable Contact Lens fittings
- Quality referrals when needed to other health care providers for eye and general health needs.
- Pupillary Distance:  I will measure and give out PD's when requested by the
                              patient at the time of the initial exam.
- Please Note: I do not adjust, clean, or troubleshoot glasses bought online.

Children have special visual needs. They should have a full eye exam at an early age (At lease before they start to school). Don't neglect them or discount them when they have vision complaints. Listen to your children! Most children with complaints have real problems. They deserve our attention. Schedule an appointment today!

Please consider referring me to your friends and co-workers. I  depend on the support of my patients and friends.

If you are experiencing headaches it may be more than just simple stress. It is important to discuss this with your primary care physician and also have a complete eye exam. Headaches can be a sign of vision problems even though you might seem to be seeing clearly. They can also be a sign of more serious problems that need to be attended to. They should not be ignored.

For any questions call or E-Mail me directly. I pride myself on giving you personal attention.

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